PM Lessons I - Shape Up

This is the first blog of a series on lessons from the best books on building software products.


Working for four years with tech teams at startups has given me a first-hand view of how a product comes to life. Being curious about the non-technical aspects of the lifecycle of a product pushed me to explore more about product management (PM). There were multiple resources like MOOCs, blogs, and books to start with. Though blogs are great for getting an introduction, I found courses and books to be delving much deeper into the subject. I had fun doing University of Alberta’s course on Software Product Management last year - highly recommended if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of product management.

Books on PM

The next step is to explore the best books on building great software products. There are numerous blogs about reading-lists on PM & building great products in general. I feel sharing a short-summary or lessons from these books will be useful for the industry and nudge more people into reading them.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the first book.

PM Lessons: Shape Up

I am starting with a book titled Shape Up by Ryan Singer (Head of Strategy, Basecamp). It is an excellent take on the process of product development and is highly relevant for start-ups with growing tech teams. This book is available for free in here.

Here are my learnings from Shape Up:

Written on June 14, 2020